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Vi @|bfm|
A person passionate for fashion, art & costume history.  This interest was born ten years ago or so when the first book about the costume history was read. Right then the conscience of the fact that one can be heard and the opinion can be taken into consideration came.The author  realised that he can contribute to any kind of changes and entrered the history department and soon after a management school where he met an extremely charming person with an outlook much alike to his. Since that time they've started their friendly relations that occasionally led to blogging  joint authorship.The author has an ambition to make the blog a global one with changing guest contributors and with a lot of inspirational info. Do you know/are you such (a) candidate(s)? Then use the contact form, the authors will be glad to hear any kind of feed-back. 

Anna @ |bfm|
Deeply in love with beautiful things. She's romantic and keen on fashion.
Interest in fashion appeared at the moment when she fully realized: a good dress is an  invitation card. At that time there were things to work on and now she uses the result with great pleasure, that’s why she wishes the same to you all! The meeting with one charming and stylish young man made her more courageous, now she knows what it means to show one's worth. Thanks him for that. The idea about the fashion blog seemed exciting! After all it is so important to share with the world the knowledge! Be interested in and have the style. It ‘s pleasant!

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