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Monday, May 28, 2012

EUphoria will come across the EU

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Last Saturday all the Europe voted for the one and only, a magnificent performer Loreen from Sweden who has shown that the magic is possible and that one man show can really be THE show with lots of devotion, energy, charisma and talent. I have a lot of emotions but they are hard to express with the words… I can say that there are few singers whose tunes can be played for fortnight in non-stop mode. Hugs and love from Belarus, Loreen! And of course, I'm waiting for the winner's tour to start:)


Hannah Hawkshaw said...

She was incredible - she really did deserve to win!
I'm now following you blog via twitter and GFC! I'd really love it if you could do the same for me! :)

(you can follow via GFC by clicking the 'follow' option:) )

Thanks :),

Vi Ko said...


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