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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caleb @D1 Models

You are represented by D1 models. Who do you feel are currently the top models in the world? Do you aspire to be like them? Or do you feel you are currently the best model around?

There are a few I really like at the moment that people keep comparing me to, big names in the industry like Dudley O'Shaughnessy @ Next Models & Sebastian Sauve @ Premier.  These two guys have a massive following, I rate them highly as models, it’s nice to be compared to them but I don't think I'm anything like them, not yet anyway.

How did you get into modeling? Was this always your dream?

I sort of fell in to it my girlfriend Ursula suggested I do it, but I loved playing football and just thought modeling was gay but its not I have loads of gay friends now and I’ve modeled for Attitude magazine a couple of times, I started modeling properly by the age of 23 so I arrived in the industry really late.  I’ve never been scouted I’ve had to work hard to get where I am. I only go by my first name 'Caleb' as a model because my mate died 10 years ago with the same name so I thought it would be nice to just be known as our name ‘Caleb’.  My aim is to try and become a model that is known as a really good one, I'm not bothered about earning loads of money I would happily quit modeling being the most well known model from just doing editorials some things are more important than money. I always wanted to be with D1 models I’ve always rated their models as they have such a cool mix of male models but they rejected me in February last year.  I was devastated but I kept in touch with one of their Booker's and ended up joining them in October.  I was over the moon!  It’s hard because I'm only 5'10, that's really short for a male model but I like to think I'm unique and its going well so far hopefully it continues.

What did you originally what to be? E.g. childhood dream of being ...?

I always wanted to be a footballer growing up, I tried hard at it for a while but if I had a choice now it would be a model for sure. I don't even keep up with football now, they way the game has gone made me lose interest, they’re just money hungry 90% of the time there’s no loyalty towards the clubs, they just jump if someone offers a bigger pay cheque. I haven’t played football in about 3 years, modeling has replaced football as the passion in my life. I love the fashion industry so much, I’ve really been educated, now I know a lot more than my girlfriend!

Who have you been most star struck about meeting in your modeling career? E.g. a designer, fellow model or celebrity?

To be honest with you I haven’t met anyone that famous since I have been modeling, I just look at people as equal the only difference is that there in the public eye and we are not it makes them no better than us.  

What has been your favourite modelling assignment? A certain shoot or magazine in which you have worked for?

It has to be shooting Vivienne Westwood’s collection last year celebrating her 40 years in the industry for Disorder Magazine.  I’m meant to be going on the cover of June/July’s issue this year with the pictures from the shoot.  I was unsigned when I got it and was making my own contacts in the industry.  I made myself known to the guy that owns the magazine, he loved my look and decided to use me for it with a load of other signed models.  I was shocked but I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and killed it, I basically owe my carrier to Davide@Disorder Magazine he has helped me so much and I don’t think I would be where I am if it wasn’t for him taking a risk and using me for the Westwood shoot, it made me realise how good I was.

What experience in modeling has totally taken you out of your comfort zone? E.g. dressing in very little clothing? A sexy photo shoot?

I had to do a shoot for Attitude magazine when I first started modeling like 2 years ago and the whole team there was gay and they put me in these tight cycle shorts with a jacket and covered me in oil to make me look like a sexy bike courier.  All they kept saying to me was “look sexy, look sexy!” I really hated it and the pictures didn’t get published. I know now that you just have to be open about doing what they want otherwise if you’re uncomfortable it shows in the picture and looks rubbish.

Models are sometimes unfairly labeled as being ‘dumb’. Have you come across this stereotype? How do you react to it? Do you feel it holds some elements of truth?

Yeah some models are dumb or just pretend to be like the Only way is Essex lot saying stupid things I’ve seen it, but some are students at uni and just do modeling to make money on the side so they can’t all be that stupid.

Where do you see yourself working in 10 years? Still having a career in modeling?

I would like to think I’d have achieved everything I wanted in the modeling industry by then.  I would like to become a booker at D1 I think I would be good because I know what its like to come from the bottom to the top.  I remember signing on at Peckham job centre thinking I hope one day modeling works out for me, I’ve been rejected, gone away come back, been rejected again, I’ve been dropped.  It’s a tough industry to do well in but if you look after yourself and listen to advice people give you you’re half way there.  A lot of people ask me for advice now which is nice to think they rate me enough to ask for my help I just always say take a break, a step back look at who's doing well then think what can I do to make me be different to everyone else, that’s what I did and I like to think my look is unique now.

If you could work with any designer or wear a certain designers clothes who would it be and why?

Well I’ve worn Vivienne Westwood’s clothes for Disorder Magazine but I would love to do a campaign for her or walk in fashion week.  Everyone keeps saying I have the Vivienne Westwood look so hopefully that can happen, I just love her clothes the way they are tailored to fit your body so well.

Finally, tell us the least glamorous thing you do in your everyday life.

I work from 6am-3pm at Marko in Charlton taking deliveries off the lorries everyday, so no trace of glamour there! I have to get up at 4:30am everyday, it keeps me humble and grounded no matter what I achieve. If I’m going to work the next day I’m just like every body else.

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