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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rags to riches stories and the Internet.

Many of us could have meditated at least once on how Internet can help us to succeed in any of our dreams. We would have our managers, VIP status, dozens of cute friends or acquaintances, lots of travels and blah blah. What’s interesting about human nature is that while the most of us have all the needed means for realization of what we want we continue slugging in beds instead of let our guts lead us in the right(?) direction. Some wait till they fall to the very bottom and manage to rise. That meres appraisal.Seriously.
So, let’s recollect the guys who used to be homeless and who became famous due to the Internet and took jackpot in life lottery.

A guy called Mustard once appeared in a radio program and really impressed the audience with his voice. That video made a real splash back in 2010. Now that guy has a fan site, his debute album is sold on story records lable. Seems that guy has nailed his  bitchy fate.

Another guy who has made a huge buzz all over the world was a simple Chinese guy whose trashy looks translated into haute couture podium collections by some haut de gamme Asian designers.Not Asian only, I must say. Handsome Vagabond or Brother Sharp he was called back in 2010. Now he’s a model, actor and claimed to be demented. If I were him I could probably go nuts too after becoming famous and finding out that half of the family is dead in a car accident. A sad case. But nevertheless demonstrative.
One more Chinese guy became extremely popular in Russia because of his manner of seeling beads and fancy crazy looking glasses. He has near 3 million views on youtube and admits being much more popular in Russian than in his own country. Btw, t-shirts with his prints look funny. I could wear it once if it wasn’t such a cliché.

Moving forward everybody knows Justin Bieber(quel dommage) and many teenagers in Russia know his imitator, copy cat, wannabe, call it anyway you like. Personally I don’t want to get in the details of Roma Acorn’s notoriety. The only thing I can say about him, he should have better stayed a Russian teen internet fenomenon.     

Another Russian rising star is decent to take a leading role in the sequel of “Dumb and Dumber”. She was an activist during 2012 presidential elections and a journalist interviewed her.That was the worst news block I’ve ever seen, after this, of course ,which apparently is fun. Now that “Sveta from Ivanovo” is going to join one of russia’s largest TV channels, Ntv. That must be a joke.

So guys, what do you think, is it still worth being lazy or maybe it’s high time to take one’s asses off the couch and something that will make you famous?

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Sasha said...

yeah, people in my country love the Chinese guy in the glasses- his accent is simply amazing! :D

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