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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey, online again! This time present you  a free and creative person!Simon Preen! So...He should to tell us "Who is Simon Preen? and What does he dream about?" Let's read!Yummy!

1. Who is Simon Preen? How did you come in fashion?
I didn’t always want to be a designer; I always had the desire to be in full control of my own image so that’s where the interest in making clothes came from. I decided to start studying fashion at a time when I was at a loss as to as to what direction I wanted to go in life and it just stuck with me; but even throughout all my years as a student I questioned if it was the right thing and weather I would ever be able to actually do anything with it. It wasn’t till I left the safety net of fashion school that I started to see any clear direction and develop the confidence in myself that was needed to actually make anything happen.

2. What’s your goal as a designer?
My goal as a designer is to make people look and feel hot and provocative – I design to fit the image of what I, myself would like to project as an individual as well as a designer, its almost like a personal project which gets to reach out and touch other people in the process – for me image is all about sex, I don’t expect (and wouldn’t want) for everyone to feel the same way but I hope to please the ones that do as they are my desired audience.

3. Do you think is going to change about you/ for you when you become internationally recognized& influential designer?
Hopefully just that I have the ability to reach more people and do things on a larger scale, but that my vision will always remain the same while still evolving

4. What does cooperation with Asos give to you?
It’s a great platform for people to start their own businesses, although it isn’t where I started originally – owning a boutique on the site one has to be really self motivated as you deal with every part of the process so it creates a good foundation from which to build and develop.

5. They say that men are the best ones in cooking and undressing women. Paraphrasing this, what do you think of men in fashion? Is it true that it’s straight men’s prerogative to undress people and gays’ to dress both men and women?
I think that is a completely outdated notion. The gay/straight ratio within the fashion industry is obviously much more balanced that the rest of the world outside of it but nothing is that black and white anymore – sexual preference is not important as long as we are trying to achieve the same outcome, I’m about blurring boundaries in sex and fashion and becoming one thing, its my prerogative to dress and undress and everything in between. I wouldn’t like to think that we need to feel that generalized anymore.

6. What does “unique” mean to you? Is it enough just to exist to be unique for you or is there any special thing that makes things/persons unique?
We are all essentially unique, it just depends on weather you wan to embrace it or not – most people don’t in the grand scheme of things, and that’s fine. As a designer I think that all designers should have their own individual method and process and that’s where ones uniqueness shines through. Personally I cant look at what is going on in the rest of the fashion world too much because I find that it interferes with my own ideas and tries to suggest influence too much and that just makes what’s already in my head scramble and ultimately sets me further back in the process. I’m very perceptive to what’s going on around me in the real world rather than in fashion magazines as an aid to my inspiration.

7. Without what you can’t leave home?
Lip balm – I got dry lips once when I was 9 years old so my mum gave me a chap stick and since that day I physically have not been able to go much more than an hour without using some kind of lubrication on my lips. If I leave the house and realize I don’t have one I totally freak out and have to find the nearest available place to get a new one – my current preference is  Lanolips.

8. Your top 3 style tips for this season.

For this season, as for any season – dress and feel like a hot slut.

Thank you, Simon!Wish you more and more, and more inspiration in the future!   
xoxo, Anna

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