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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sosnovska collection

Each and every one of us is relied to the nature and every single person needs some comfort zone to recover from emotional stress and intense pace of life in the city. Making a review of Sosnovska SS2013 collection I caught myself on idea that she tried to unite in it 2 out of  4 elements which are ground and water. That feeling is even reinforced due to the fact that campaign shooting was taken in abandoned-like corners of Belarus. I bet that most of you guys haven't even heard where it is hehe. I see a man by Sosnovska as a self-sufficient, knowing what he's worth, with deep inner world and the one who likes to be in several places at the time. 
Every time I look at their clothes, I have a strong feeling that the brand has looks that are somewhere in between those of Chris Van Assche and Dries van Notten among others.
P.S. If those items were a bit cheaper, I would already have a couple of looks.

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