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Monday, August 27, 2012

Water wigs

Guys, do you know what happens when a commercial photographer has fun? No? I had no clue,as well. Some of them like Tim Tadder created photo series called "Water wigs".Yep, your eyes are doing fine, they are water wigs. And since he used some wigs, models are bald as a coot. Don't even try to guess how many hours he spent retouching those pictures, but the result is worth it.
To my mind the motto of the shoot is "value the beauty of the moment". Even though our eyes can't catch it. Hopefully we have optics hehe. I'm not bald, but I would really love to be shot like that, any propositions? lol


Marla said...

This is so cool!!! haha I love it!!! I've followed you on GFC and bloglovin xx


Vi Ko said...

Thanks, Marla

historypak said...

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