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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Expectations vs reality

Have you ever wondered how many people have aspirations and dreams that remained to be such?
There are thousands of texts invading internet, they are literally invading every single less or more poplar portal. You will find there as advices how to make things work, as oriental wisdom pieces created next door to you.

What I believe to be a key to success is being self-assured and carrying on no mater what. Even a poison in small portions can do good.
Last year I was really oppressed with what was going in my life and where it was taking me. I had a strong feeling that changes were needed. And they came. I moved to Poland and the city I chose seems to be the right. It's smaller and calmer than Minsk, Moscow and especially french cities. And besides, it's the fashion capital.
Literally it's a cultural melting pot since here are lots of foreigners from around the globe spiced up with polish traditions and eager for unceasing holidays.
Funny experiences and stories to share are coming up along with covering local designers I've met here during fashion week and other events.

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