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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Designers vs customers.

One year has passed quite fast, two editions of Poland Fashion week have been held and the third season is about to start. And today I would like to have a retrospective on contacts made during this time. Most of the designers met are professional both in terms of what they do and how they present their product and themselves. We are not stopping on those examples. Today I want to speak about those who are residents of the Fashion Week. That is quite logical that the event is frequented by foreign media and bloggers and all of us are communicating between the shows and afterwards.

After last year’s autumn edition a couple of designers were contacted for purchasing of items that I liked during the shows. Normally a client-oriented designer would organize a meeting to try those items plus see more in the showroom. However, not in this case. I was repeatedly asked to send an email by Jaroslaw Ewert and did not get any answer from Jakub Pieczarkowski of Odio by Jakub Pieczarkowski.  That made me wonder on what are their goals who is their customer if such a notion ever existed and occurred to them.

Hereby I am addressing to the above-mentioned designers: please, do not spoil the results of your work by lack of communication skills. Use the services of PR agents instead. That will help you to overcome those misunderstandings and avoid customers’ loss.
Wishing great shows and to finally hire communication professionals.

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